Saturday, January 28, 2006

On Names of Places

There are places around the world with similar names, which leads people to wrong interpretations and uncomfortable mistakes.
I live in La Palma island, one of the canaries, but many people place me in Palma de Mallorca, one of the balearics...well, that just makes me explain where each one is and that´s all...
But, when the mistake is done in an airport, with your luggage, and on holidays, things change drammatically...not so fun indeed!!!
I´ve had several "oportunities to taste the joke": Once,when travelling to Santiago de Compostela, they sent all my luggage to Santiago de Chile- they sent it to other continent!!! and we had to wait for three days to have it back- on a fortnight holiday!... Well, at least I can say "part of me has been in South America".
I also remember a friend who wanted to came to La Palma and got a plane ticket to Las Palmas. I had to pick her at the airport and was waiting for quite a long time.At first I thought she had mistaken the arrival time, but then I received a phone call...It was her, quite upset, asking where I was, and guessing I had forgotten to pick her up...we laughed a lot when we met.
Above some photos of La Palma...if you come here you´ll find deep ravines, volcanoes,black sand...otherwise you´ve gone to the wrong place!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Me,myself and I

I´ve never liked to talk much about myself... but now I´ve started I´ll try to do " my task".
I was born on Thursday, in October, and what´s more in the green and rainny lands of Galicia, North West of Spain...
I studied in Santiago de Compostela and in Madrid.I had a wonderful time at university and I met some very interesting people there.
Then I met my husband and after a time I decided to come to La Palma and start working here.
Now, I have two wonderful sons.
Living in this tiny island is sometimes difficult...that´s why I travel as much as I can afford.I love going out and mixing with the crowds of people in big cities, visiting places that are just the opposite of this island, going to the opera or just shopping in a big centre.And then, when I come back home I can appreciate the peace and the light of this wonderful island.