Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Virtual Platform

This is our new virtual space to do tasks, cooperate and try to learn:    EVAGD

To enter in the platform you´ll be asked a USER NAME and a PASSWORD, both will be given to you by your teacher; afterwards you can change your password.

  Click on the links below, read the text and answer the questions.

  Remember to send the results to me.


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012

Hello my dear students,
This is the first entrance for you - 1º ESO B - this year. We´ll use this blog as a link to other activities, tasks, tests... online.
First of all, you´ll have to keep the site address. Next, you´ll pay attention to your teacher explanation about how to use some online tools. Finally, you´ll have to send her an email introducing yourselves.
Hope you´ll like all the online activities, and remember to ask if you have any doubt.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The School Trip Project

My dear students of 1º Bachillerato - A,
As most of us have taken part in the school trip to Great Britain, Belgium and France, I´ve decided to prepare an activity for you whose main aim is to deepen in what you have seen or experienced and try to motivate you for your oral presentations.
The activity is designed as a mind map, so you must feel free to surf  on your own, ask for more information if you need it and make more reasearch in  the issues that most interest you.
Follow the link below and start your travel :)
http://www.sharingexperiences-conchycastro.com/MY_CORNER.html ( open "The School Trip Project" file)

Timetable for final tasks:

1. Your written essay must be sent by e mail or given to me by 29th April, 2011.
2. Your oral presentation must be finished by 20th May.

Hope you enjoy the task.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

ANSWER KEY. Vocabulary Unit5

page 60

VOCABULARY Communication

1. keep in touch   2. translate   3. fluent   4. misunderstood   5. mother tongue

1. body language    2. bad language    3. Sign language  
4. foreign language   5. first language    6. official language

 1. b   2. a    3. a    4. a   5. b    6. a    7. b

page 61

1. misunderstanding   2. translated   3. official language   4. mother tongue   5. pick up    6. fluent

page 40 and 44

Sunday, February 06, 2011


 1. Revise the vocabulary in unit 4 ( Bridges 1, Burlington Books )

2. Go to http://energyquest.ca.gov/movieroom/index.html
and watch the following videos:
“ Fighting Global Warming” and “ The Science of the Solar Cell”

3. Go to http://www.epa.gov/watersense/kids/index.html
click on “ why save water”, “simple ways to save water”, and play the game on http://www.epa.gov/watersense/kids/games.html

4. Do you want to know more about environmental issues? Then go to http://www.eco-pros.com/

5. Now you can try these quizzes below:
The Green Quiz:

The Energy Quiz:

WRITING . - Write a brief summary of the activity: What were the videos and readings about? Do you think environmental issues are important, why or why not? How did you do with the quizzes?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

answer key. units 3 and 4


VOCABULARY The Environment
 1. False. The use of alternative energy will protect the environment.
2. True.

3. False. It is important to protect the environment.

4. True.

5. True.

6. False. People save water when they have a shower instead of a bath.

7. True.

8. False. It is possible to recycle plastic bottles.


1. Clean fuel produced from soya beans doesn’t harm the environment.

2. Everybody should care about environmental issues.

3. If we don’t protect the environment, we will damage our planet.

4. We shouldn’t destroy natural resources because we will need them in the future.

5. Exhaust fumes damage our lungs because they contain carbon monoxide.

6. The Fab Tree Hab will save a lot of energy.

7. Our country is going to increase the amount of water that we recycle every year.

8. Every family should recycle glass, paper and plastic.


1. petrol – British; gas – American

2. garbage - American; rubbish – British

3. dustbin – British; trashcan – American

3 1. chemicals 4. conservation

2. rubbish 5. Pollutants

3. ecological disaster 6. Deforestation


4 1. b 2. c 3. d 4. e 5. f 6. A

page 49

 1. recycle  2. international  3. overpopulated  4. anti-nuclear  5. underdeveloped

1. air pollution   5. save

2. global warming 6. damage

3. petrol 7. pollutants

4. environmentally-friendly

To be in a very difficult or dangerous situation.
1. water (the past is over and cannot be changed so there’s no point worrying about it)

2. wind (stop worrying and take a risk)

3. sun (a great number of things)

Bridge to Speaking

1. This weekend, my friends and I are going scuba diving.

2. In the year 2015, I will still be living with my parents.

3. This time next Saturday morning, I will be playing on my console.

4. By this time next year, I will have got my licence.

1. No, we don’t recycle any rubbish at all because my parents don’t actually care about recycling.

2. Yes, of course. Teenagers are really worried about the environment because we know that if we don’t protect the environment, we will destroy our planet and our kids will have nowhere to live.

3. The city council should ban private cars from driving into the city centre and everybody should use public transport.