Sunday, April 16, 2006


On 30th March, I went to Greece on a school exchange trip. We are involved in a european project which implies meeting our partners twice a year for a week.We were a team of three teachers and four students eager to know more about Greece and the Greek.
First we stayed for two days in Athens. We went to the Acropoli , saw the change of the guard, went for a walk to the Pireo and wandered around the Flea Market.
Then, we took a train and went to Thessaloniki. There we met our Greek and Polish partners.The four students were hosted by families. We went to school, worked for a while, toured around and socialized.
It was both a holiday and a working time. It was a short visit, but also exhausting as we tried to asimilate as much as we could and didn´t want to miss neither their architectonical wonders, nor the opportunity to learn more about their school system, nor the chance to experience their love for their music and dances...It was amazing, at least for me, to see how young people enjoyed their free time listening to and dancing their traditional music.
When I came back, our Easter holidays started so I could rest...and do nothing. I read a lot, listened to music, went for walks by the seaside, cooked for my family...So, this year I feel I had a great Easter holiday: I´ve travelled, I´ve learnt a lot of new things, I´ve rested and now feel ready to start the daily routine again.
What about you my students? Have you had a good holiday? What have you done?
I´m looking forward to reading about your holidays...