Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mistakes revision,work reports and so on

My dear students,
From now on we will use "my english class guestbook" ( also available on the left )to report on your project progress, ask questions and so on.
Remember that to take part in this "forum" and report periodically is also part of your final mark.
I´ve also activated another page for you to check your mistakes when commenting on the blog or reporting on the guestbook. Wish it would be really useful.
For my students: all of us know it´s compulsory to use English so any comment written in another language will be deleted.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HOMEWORK: Listening activities

Below you have the list of the listening activities you´ll have to do as homework from 22nd May to 19th June 2009.
(taken from

Listen to them and do the "listening and vocabulary exercises". After that, you have to report your scores to my e mail.
You should also do the post-listening exercises for they could be asked in the final exam. Don´t hesitate to ask me if you have any doubt.

Remember to use The Rhymezone dictionary whenever you need it.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The IYA Project

Hi everybody,
We are going to start our term project, which I hope you find interesting and useful.
First, you must go to and open the file The IYA( International Year of Astronomy) project in Projects and Webquests.
You will have to post in "comments" your first impressions about the tasks- interesting, boring, useful, easy...
After this first comment, you will use the email to report how you are doing and ask any doubt you have.