Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Virtual Room

Good evening,
It´s time we start working with the virtual platform EVAGD. I´ve created the course and registered all the students so far. Now it´s your turn to activate it and see it´s working properly.
Follow the steps below:
1. Go to the virtual platform

2. Write your user name and password.
    Then, go to "Mis Cursos" and click on "OUR VIRTUAL ROOM".


4. Now click on "Editar Información"


5. The first thing yo have to do is check your email. Change it if it´s not correct. You can add more information and an image. AND, don´t forget to save changes when you finish. Then go back to "Perfil".

6. Now, back again in "Perfil" you can change your password.

7. Remember you should go to your email account and activate all changes.
    Now, it´s time to click on VR1B ........You´ll be led to our platform "Our Virtual Room".

See you in there :)

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